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We can save any packing to face our client’s requirements!!
Baron for agricultural investment !

leading Company in the Field of agricultural investment in Egypt since 2002.

Our priority offering our customers best quality & safe foods We guarantee all our products free of pesticide.

Cause we care our customers health, we use hi technology each step from the beginning by selecting best free area ,seeds and seedlings, planting, modern irrigation systems ,natural fertilizing and sensitive harvest..

Meet the offer
Our wide range of varieties enables us to meet and face our customers' requirements

We are dealing with the following:

1- Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

2- Frozen Vegetables & Fruits

3- Tomato paste

4- Olive Oil

5- Hibiscus

6- juice

7- Jams

8- Dairy

9- Pickles

10- Legumes

11- Salt

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Our products free of pesticide also free of heavy metals

Available Whole year with the best quality

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